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Your experience with Aldara (Imiquimod)

After about 2 months of worrying about some bumps I had in my genital area I finally decided to get checked out. I went to a walk in clinic to get it looked at since I currently don't have a primary physician or anything. The doctor seemed somewhat angry when I told him what was going on and hastily asked me to show him. He looked at the bumps for about 15 sec and said it was viral and that was it. He prescribed me Aldara and I've been using it for about 3 weeks now.

My question to the forum is how well/soon did Aldara work for you? Since I've started using Aldara, I have noticed zero improvement so I'm just curious how long it took.

And the doctor never said anything about genital warts, just that it was viral, is it common to prescribe Aldara for something other than genital warts? I've been reading some topics on this forum and found that it is uncommon for the bumps (if they are warts) to be in the pubic area/ lower abdomen. The vast majority are on my penis but I'd say I have maybe 6 on the lower abdomen and one on my thigh. Thanks for the help!
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