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ZOVIRAX can treat warts

I mentioned several times on this forum that a herpes cream called ZOVIRAX can also treat warts. I used it several years ago and it was very effective: the warts were permanently removed in a couple of days and no surgery was needed.

I finally found an article on this:


The article says that 'ZOVIRAX can control the severity of warts' but in my case, it did much more than that: it actually cured the infection entirely.

I hope this helps.

Always consult your doctor (urologist) before you decide to try ZOVIRAX or any other treatment.
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if this prescription was in anyway helpful for HPV I'm sure it would already be prescribed to help people with genital warts.The fact that your or anyone else using this cream was able to relieve their genital warts might just be coincidental.

Theres no way of knowing whether if some anti-viral medicine for another infection may or may not help out a certain infection.

Most virus's have the ability to develop a certain immunity to a treatment or may even evolve to become a more aggressive virus due to a treatment that you should not be using,

Imagine using this cream and a month, year, or anytime later you have a severe breakout? Im not trying to scare you and I'm sorry if i am but there is a reason why the FDA takes such a lengthy time to approve a certain medication for a certain infection or symptom.

Just be careful.
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Prove it. Like I said your HPV infection could have cleared up just as it does naturally, if you had HPV. E-How.com is only a site that does have some medical marketing and reverberates some inaccuracies. I particularly liked the picture they portrayed on this site??—Do you really believe this is credible? A virus is a virus and it rarely responds to any treatment except for your own immune system. This is not medical literature please supply one medical trial that this has worked in. There is a lot of bad information about HPV on the net. The only thing this will do is make the company more money if other people decide to try it and if you find a Dr. that will prescribe it, he is just guessing. It is possible that he thought you had herpes. If it worked for you great but it is unwise to take drugs for other disorders and potentially incur side effects for no reason. This is the link to the actual zovirax website and don’t see even them, the actual company indicating it is helpful with HPV. http://www.zovirax.com/prescribing-information-for-zovirax2.aspx I’m glad it worked for you but it is entirely possible your immune system helped you out!
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Have you ever tried it?
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No, it wasn't just coincidental. I saw immediate results as soon as I started using ZOVIRAX cream and, like I said, the infection was cured in a couple of days. This was 15 years ago and I haven't had any problems ever since.

I am aware that ZOVIRAX is not (yet) an approved warts treatment (if it were, I wouldn't have to be posting this!) but that doesn't mean it won't work. There are countless unapproved drugs that are safe and effective and prescribed by doctors everyday (e.g. oral phentolamine is not an approved ED drug in Europe but it is prescribed by doctors in Brazil)

Again, maybe ZOVIRAX doesn't work for everyone, maybe it doesn't work for all virus strains but it sure worked for me (and others). And there's at least one article that proves my point.

I'm not a doctor and I'd love to hear more testimonies of people who have tried it. I'm not trying to sell anything, I just want to share my experience, learn from the experiences of others and hopefully help genital warts sufferers.
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Again, I'm not advocating self medication here. Always consult your urologist before you decide to try ZOVIRAX crem or any other treatment. (I'm sure your doctor won't raise any objections, it's a perfectly safe treatment)
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I understand, and I'm glad it worked for you, you're only trying to help. 15 years without an outbreak is awesome. =)
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