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aldara dried out irritated skin

Someone else posed this:
"I recently just had an HPV outbreak and I used the medicine aldaria. (excuse the spelling). It dries it out a lot, and makes the pain even worse because everytime I move or go pee it feels like its going to crack open because it's so dry. Is it okay to use a q-tip and put vaseline on it??? My friend once did this but I am nervous to try it."

I'm having the same dryness problem. It's become a great discomfort because even water splashing against the irritated skin hurts a lot and it feels like the skin is cracked or will crack and defecating has also become a problem, especially because oftentimes it causes the wart to bleed. Today was the end of my 5th week applying the cream. Can vaseline be used? or Neosporin? Should I discontinue use for a couple of dose-times and resume when the skin has healed? Will that disrupt my 6-week treatment plan?

I have had an anal wart for about a year now and I think the bump has gotten "less tall" since I started using aldara, but it feels like it's spread sideways a little bit further up my anus. I'm not sure if my wart counts as internal since it wasn't explained to me and Planned Parenthood prescribed me the cream. When I apply it, the finger/applicator has to insert past the opening a bit. So, does that automatically count as internal?
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