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what is the normal time it takes for the skin redness and burning to heal after using aldara? i used it for about a month and a half and my penis has never been the same even after 3 weeks off the awful drug. if anyone could offer anything thatd be great. im trying to go see a derm doc. i cant live with this burning pain for the rest of my life. dont know where to go... thanks.
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dont use aldara. I think ACV even does better than aldara although some people here would disagree with my opinion. You can get mini surgery like electrocauterization, cryotherapy, or use podofin and its variants. These three, afaik, are better than anything else to treat warts.
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im not using aldara anymore. it has left my penis very irritated and i was asking how long it would take for the irritation to go away? its been like 3 weeks without aldara and it still hurts
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in that case, you should go ask another dermatologist and ask him/her how to make the irritation go away...3 weeks without aldara and it still hurts? Sounds absurd to me. Skin irritation should heal within 1 week or max. 2. Maybe you have another STD infection that you werent aware of, and please remember not all STDs show symptoms (sometimes chlamydia or GO dont show symptom if you have a mild infection). You should get tested for all STDs, including herpes/syfilis/GO/chlamydia, basically everything.
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hey i went to my dermatologist and he used liquid nitrogen to burn off a few small warts. he said try some hydrocortisone ointment on the area and that sometimes the irritaion from aldara can take about 30days to 5 weeks to diminish.. so i guess its just the waiting game. seems to be getting better. (also me and my partner of 2 years had been tested for all other stds numerous times)

thanks for the advice guys much appreciated
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