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does hpv type 6 and 11 cause any type of cancer for men and women ?

I got HPV from a protected sex with a stranger girl. The worst decision in my life. After testing for all kinds of diseases, I'm positive HPV 6/11,  which means HPV 6 or 11. The test doesn't say which one exactly.

Reading all over the place about it, however I'm left with unanswered questions. Found some helpful discussions on Medhelp, so I decide to shoot the questions here.

I had this HPV type for two months now, I'm not sure if I got the first break out. But the head of penis had two or three small razor burns, they went away after a week. Is this HPV 6/11?

My doctor says with HPV 6/11, some people have pumps some don't even have anything at all during their life. Is this true?

I read somewhere HPV 6/11 is low risk, but also cause penile cancer and cervical cancer. Is this true?

I also heard that, I heard HPV will clear itself after two years. Is it HPV6/11 or some all type of HPV will clear after two years?

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I hope someone else answers your question.
I don’t think the lesions you observed are warts.  From what I understand types 6 and 11 are low risk strains.
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How did you test for HPV?  A biopsy of a lesion, brush, something else.

6 and 11 are low risk strains and should not cause cancer.
yes I was tested by doctor, he use a medical cotton bud to rub on my penis and urinary hole. I didn't have lesion at the time of testing. For testing oral HPV, he rub cotton bud on my tongue, throat and inside of the lips.
Thank you for answering.  

It sucks that your test was positive for HPV, but at least it is low risk and you don't have any lesions.  They say about 80% of sexually active adults have HPV but most don't have warts.  If you do the deed, you're likely to get it.

Good thing, it seems to go dormant in at least 2 years for most people so hopefully you'll build resistance to 6/11 and won't be able to transmit it to anyone.  At least, you found a doctor who is willing to test you so you can retest at a later date and hopefully  get a negative result.

Build your immune system and be healthy to help your body fight it.

Best wishes!
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My dermatologist told me on Monday hpv 6 and 11 are lower risk, but that they have also been linked to cancer.  Not found in cancers as much as 16 and 18.  He advices me to have a healthy lifestyle from now.  That part that really bothers me is that they never did a biopsy of my “warts” to see which type I was infected with.  They froze them and told me to come back if I had more.  It has been 16 days since the procedure and I am wart free.  I am happy with that,  but I am frustrated with the uncertainty.
Wow, I did not know that about 6 and 11.  Why the medical community is so blase about an incurable virus that can cause cancer, I have no idea?

I know there's no cure for a virus, but if they tested for it (which they can even though it may not be 100% reliable, something is better than nothing).  I kind of feel like they want to prevent mass hysteria by testing for it.

I sure pray/wish/hope a cure or something that could make the virus dormant forever was eds approved in at most 2 years and everyone afraid was around to take it.  Wishful thinking.
A cure would be soo damn good! With the testing situation. They do have tests but say they don’t? I don’t get that? Like you said they don’t want to panic People but it’s better people knowing they have it so they can inform partners of potential risk and atleast take precautions. It’s like they want everyone to get it I really don’t understand as you said why they are so blazay about hpv like it’s no big deal when it can be really life altering :( they are working on preventions but not cured for the public. I think there is cures or better things known but just not available to the general public
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Hi sorry to hear about your experience but I’m just wondering how did they test for hpv and how did you know you had the low risk type? Docs always say there is no test for men but you got tested..and I wonder why they don’t rutenly test for hpv.. did you have to specifically ask to do that test or? Did you have any burning or other symptoms?
If you have warts , a biopsy can be done to analyze the virus DNA.  That is how you can identify the strain in other parts of the body,  there is no FDA approved test if no warts are visible.
Ok thanks! I think I do but they aren’t cauliflower type ones so my doc won’t do anything. I’ll try find someone who will biopsy
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