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fleshy raised bumps on my foreskin

I've recently had a penile yeast infection that caused my foreskin to swell up and as a result I couldn't pull it back, I'm now starting to see fleshy growths / bumps appear on my foreskin, could this be a symptom of the penile yeast infection or something else? I don't think they are genital warts but I have no idea how to get rid of them. Please help.
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To be honest, your only viable course of action is to go see a professional.  Either your primary care physician or a dermatologist could help you figure this out.  With situations such as yours, a forum such as this one can only really give you some info on HPV and pep talk you and stuff like that.  For what you describe, I'd make an appointment to figure it out and get some peace of mind.  Best of luck.  
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