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genital warts q


A year ago I had a new sexual partner.  We engaged in unprotected sex often; she was not a virgin.  Roughly a couple months after beginning the relationship i noticed a small bump in my pubic region at the base of my penis - I payed no mind to it and assumed it was an ingrown hair.  Thus details are hazy at this point, because I didn't even consider the possibility of warts.  This lesion went away within some time (weeks to months).  About 8 months later, the lesion returned and this time I noticed it, primarily because it returned with a friend right next to it.  I wasn't sure what they were.  They appeared brown, small, slightly raised and flat,, like a piece of dirty splattered on.  I was able to remove both of them using my fingernails fairly easily and with little to no pain.  They bled profusely for a good while (relative to their size).  Within weeks they grew back looking very characteristically like warts (raised, bumpy, skin colored).  I have recently noticed four other bumps cropping up in my pubic region and at the base of my shaft - they are all round, brown, slightly raised and flat, and pretty small.  I went to my GP and told him I think i acquired genital warts. He glanced at them quickly and agreed with me. He prescribed me a creme called Aldara that has an active ingredient of imiquimod.
1. I have not read about or seen warts that have the same characteristics as these buggers.  They could almost be mistaken for a small scab or a mole.  They are brown.  Their top surface is flat, and they are very slightly raised.  They can be picked off easily and then the pinpoint where they seem to have been attached bleeds for a while.  I clean the area profusely to prevent spreading. Would pulling them off simply cause them to spread / regrow as the characteristic warts ?

2. Do you suggest the use of Aldara?  I have read many reviews of it having very harmful effects on people both locally (skin) and systemically.  

3.  I have been feeling very down recently with the knowledge of having been diagnosed (correctly?) with genital warts, but these feelings have been exacerbated since beginning my treatment of aldara (which I use very sparingly on all of the warts*)  Could aldara be a likely cause.

4.  After the warts clear (assuming aldara is effective), will it ever be reasonably safe for me to have protected sex with an unaffected partner?  My current new girlfriend is asking to have sex, and I have been using my back injury as an excuse not to.  Do I need to break her off?
Thank you.
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sorry i didnt mean to triple post
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