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genital warts

I recently noticed small warts on my penis and went to the doc and received aldara and the doctor didn't say much and certainly didn't seem concerned. The warts don't itch but scrotum does.  No relief yet since it has only been one week but I am a worrier so I would like to ask these questions..... I have only had sex with one woman for the last  3.5 yrs, did she give to me given her cervical dysplagia diagnosis 2 yrs ago?  She's had no visible issues.   Her doc made no mention of the chances of her having it.  I read the outbreak is rare in men unless imminosuppressed but I am rarely ever sick and consider myself very healthy?  Did I carry the virus for years from a previous relationship??  I feel ashamed and now worry about my new fiancee, we have had the talk and are much more informed.  Also my sister and mother had it.  My sister got in college from 2nd sex experience and mother found out after many yrs of marriage back 20 yrs ago. Is there some link here like maybe sharing soap way back or towels?    Seems too coincidental, maybe not.  Any replies appreciated.
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First of all, no not all immunocompromised people develop warts. That is completely wrong.

Some people develop warts and some people don't, its just what it is.

You may have been carrying it for sometime now, it is definitely possible that your hpv was latent and dormant but decided to pop up now. Your ex may have been infected with another strain as well that causes warts but like you she never developed warts since most people tend to be asymptotic.

I would not worry who i got the warts from, the thing you should do now is treat the warts. Aldara helps the immune system recognize the infection so that it may fight it, also it may take up to 16 weeks of use for the medication to work. Usually Aldara works better in women than men, not sure why.

Getting infected via towel or secondary items is not possible. (says Dr. Handsfield)

You should consider getting your fiancé the Gardasil vaccine if she has not, not sure how effective it will be but definitely something to consider.

HPV is not a life long chronic infection, most people usually clear the virus within 8-24 months, thats just the average. Just treat your warts and sooner or later they will just have been a minor inconvenience .

Im sure your sister and mother don't have any problems from HPV anymore since they have most likely cleared it, right?
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