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genital warts

i have been diagnosed with warts which appeared suddenly after i went of the pill, i have become paranoid about this and it the doc has given me aldara which i used and was sucessful except on 2 stubborn warts but they have now appeared in other places i have ordered more aldara. I would like to know how internal warts are treated and if i take better care  of myself if my body could fight them off on its own?? I have not been sexually active since the doc told me i had them which is now going on almost 6 months i dont want to make the situation worse than it already is. When i saw doc she said she could see nothing inside but the situation has in general gotten worse so i am guessing so has it possibly inside as i can feel some when i use a tampon well i think i feel some and i can see some inside near to the opening well a little cluster. I am in south korea( the bush) and cannot go to a doctor right now i am still here for ten months i asked my mother to send aldara from home and to discuss it with my doctor. can aldara be used for warts i can see inside?? any help is appreaciated
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Well you want to start by not using tampons, they can spread and irritate your warts. also you can treat the inner warts with aldar but when you return home you can have them frozen off. you can start taking Vitamins E &C to help your immune system, eating healthy and exercising will also help.

HPV in most cases will clear in 2 years at the most.
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thank you for your help i appreciate it.
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