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high risk HPV and monogamous relationship

I have found a lot of good information online, but I have a question that I haven't been able to clear up. It's a more complex one.

I am in a monogamous relationship for the last year. We have been long distance for the last 6 months, so the last time we had sex was January. I was just diagnosed, early May,  in with high risk HPV cervical dysplasia and they froze my cervix. I'm in healing process, and we are finally moving to be back together in the next couple weeks.

SO--obviously we both have this strain since we've been together for the last year exclusively. He does not show any visible symptoms. My ob-gyn told me to have him go to the urologist, have them put the vinegar solution to detect flat warts. But what's confusing to me is that currently, there is no FDA approved HPV test for men--and that's why my fiance and I wondered if it was worth it-especially since he shows no signs. Plus, wouldn't that be a different strain? (P.S The doctor didn't explain that some of these are nearly invisible to the eye--I found that out later in my own research. Dont know if this is relevant.)

I have also read that a monogamous couple won't "ping-pong" the virus. So my long winded question here is that, considering all of these facts, is it worth having him go to the urologist? We dont have insurance and dont want to spend hundreds or more on tests if they are pointless. I am getting conflicting information unless I am misunderstanding. When I heal, how will we know HE is in the clear and won't give it back to me? If it's true that couples dont ping pong it, why would him getting tested matter, especially if there is no way to tell for men if it's been cleared by his immune system?

Thanks in advance. Sorry for this being so long, but I can't find a decent answer to this question!
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I'm not totally sure why it would matter or not, but I am married, have been a carrier of HPV for about 10 years total. My Husband and I have been together for about 5 of these years. My doctor has never once said he should get tested or have a vinegar test to detect anything. My hubby has never shown any symptoms either. I wouldn't really worry about him getting tested or treated, unless visible lesions show up. I would say, enjoy your relationship together, stay healthy and congrats for moving back together! Enjoy your time together, and just communicate :)
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Thanks!! And thanks for your response.. That makes me better and more at ease. :-)   I think sometimes that doctors don't have the answers and they grab at straws? Anyways, take care!
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