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hpv and partner

My fiancé and I haven't been together long but I have 100% stayed loyal and he claims to have done the same, unfortunately last summer I was sexually assaulted but had gotten tested immediately after (2 days). Results came back negative. The fiancé and I were trying to conceive and we both stated that we have been tested and results were negative. Now that I'm pregnant my first paps came back positive for HPV. I had the shots 4 years ago!!! I know HPV can stay dormant but could it have gotten past the test??? How can I get it HPV if I've had the shots???
Biggest question is how am I suppose to confront my partner without blaming him?
-Highly Concerned Mother-to-be.
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The vaccine provides protection against the most popular strains but not all strains. People can get HPV from kissing or oral sex or from rubbing of genitals, etc. Did you do any of this before you two met? Did he? At this point, confrontation is not recommended because you are expecting his baby. He should assume that he has it too now. Playing detective on who gave it to who is not possible anyway. Since men cannot be blood tested, his "negative test results" obviously did not include HPV results. No man can ever tell if he is clean by any test.
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