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hpv pcr negative

hello i am confused my boyfriend says he has genital warts but when i look at his thing they are very very small hardly seen things some are single and some are in groups. but they are just at the circumcised part of his penis.
we both went to a doctor and he said there is no test for men but if they are wart its is nothing to worry they will go on there own, but we asked him to treat them so he first applied vinegar and said he is not sure if they really are warts coz he said somthing about the color change that din happen.
he sprayed cold nitrogen to freeze  them. after 3 days of the treatment as we gained knowledge about hpv we thought of knowing what it really was so we both went to the same doctor and asked him to test both of us for all the std's.
we both got tested for hiv, hbv, hsv. all negative

*****i tested negative for all high risk strains and low risk strains of hpv on hpv pcr.
my bf also cut one of his lesions and sent it for hpv pcr even he came out negative.

again after 1 month he cut 2 lesions and here is when all the tension began now his pcr report was negative but the histopathology report came back +/- sayin looks like hpv under microscope but are not sure needs a dna test which was negative allready.

1. is hpv pcr better way to detect hpv virus even if i dun have any symptoms?
2.if i had been infected would pcr detect it?
3. if i am negative on pcr and my boyfriend has 2 negative pcr reports but a doubtful biopsy report what do we need to do after this?
4. do i need to get tested again or is my pcr report enough to rule out hpv infection in past till now?
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and i forgot to write that we are in relation for 2 years and 1 month now and we always perform unprotected sex.
we smoke, used to drink but now quit for few months.
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Ok, lets start here. although u two have been together for 2 years he could have had this before you if he was with anyone else... visa versa.

You can carry HPV for years with out a single outbreak of warts or without it becoming active... meaning you could... and most likely do have it right now but it has not become active therefore you will not release so that when you do test it will be negitive. You can become active at anytime and when you do your doctor is right in that HPV will clear on its own, it is common to clear in 9-12 months but could clear sooner or later. How you treat your body will help with that...

Start taking if you already don't vitamins
garlic is good... And I don't mean it is plain... find recipes and use it, exercise and healthy eatting. Smoking not so good. The healther you are the sooner it will go away.

Also once it is gone, the active infection clears you will still have it in your systme forever but you will no longer transmit it and your test will be negitive.

HOWEVER, if your doctor is concerned this is not HPV on your BFs penis then you would want him to see a dermatologist so that he can have a proper diagnosis... this could very well be skin tags or something simple.

for your own health you need to make sure you get your yearly pap to ensure that if you do have it it is caught... there is no need to worry about protection now as long as you two are only with one another, you most likely are already infected with HPV if he has it.
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ooo and they can biopsy a wart but he would need to be ok with that =)
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thats what i said he already did the biopsy it was like the doctor cut one of his lesions and the result came back as +/- saying looks like hpv under microscope but they are not sure if it really is hpv. they asked for dna test that is hpv pcr and the result came back as negative.

and even if i had hpv that means i have the virus in my body but not active but what my doctor said was pcr will anyhow detect the virus dna even if it is silent without any symptoms.
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Oh I'm sorry I over looked that, if there is ever a doubt with one doctor you may want a second opinion.

No thats not so, I had an active virus and it was detected while active and when it cleared it was no longer detected by the PCR the reason being is that the level of dysplasia clears with the HPV. Dysplasia is released when you have an active infection. and the rate of false results aren't clear on the PCRs either.

I apologize I read your post a bit too fast, did your BF have a dermatologist look and do the biopsy or was it a prim. doctor ie family doctor?

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