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hpv virus please help any info is good info

Dr. Garth
Hi there i am a 21 year old male and new to the site and noticed questions close to mine that were very insightful but cant find one exact, today i was told i have the hpv virus by my doctor (visual inspection) i had very small warts (5-6) about 1 mm wide id say, i noticed them last week and they did not change so i went to the doctors office today i had one that was larger that iv had for about 5 months(guessing) but i thought it was just a shaving issue and didn't change in size ever(the doc looked at it when i noticed it a long time and said it looked normal). anyways to my question...... so theses small warts appeared last week but the last time i had sex with a partner was just over 2 years (2 years and 2 months) other then my present girlfriend who i know did not have it as to i am her first sexual partner, my question is why would they appear now does this mean they are the high risk, i never had warts 2 years ago this is the first time other then the larger one witch i still believe was just a cut with scar-tissue.

i also was wondering what to do if my current girl friend doesn't have hpv (is there a concrete test for this?) we have only had sex a dozen times but always had oral. i will tell her to get a pap and nerves for a positive and a negative as what to do next. sorry for the long blurt just very scared today and would apriciate any help!

Thank your very much
Rob H
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This is not a doctor moderated site, but warts come from the low risk strains. Not high risk. You could have been infected years ago. Yes your GF should get Pap tested and request an HPV test. Oral sex can spread it but it is very low risk (but not none) for infecting others. You should avoid sex until they are gone. If she is infected like you are, then you can have all of the unsafe sex you want with her since you can't re-infect each other.
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Thank you for the response i ask if its high risk because i want to know facts before i talk to her, if its not high risk does this mean its low chance of cervical cancer for her? and is there anything else that i should be concerned about with hpv.. there is warts and cancer chance that i have read. and for later in life can u have kids?
thank you so much !
is there a doctor moderated site i should check out i just found it odd it appered after 2 years i thought it is thought to be gone after 2 years
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Hello, I was diagnosed with HPV about four to five years ago. however I did not have the kind that causes warts. HPV tends to clear its self from a healthy body within two years..... mine did. when I found out I had to go for paps every six months n I also got the gardasil shots even tho I already had a strain of HPV in my body the gardasil protects me from other strains.... after two years of bein diagnosed my HPV went away n I've had two normal paps since then n I'm currently 15 weeks pregnant n Iam in perfect health n Iam in the best relationship of my life, we will be celebrating our two year anniversary on new years!! My advice to ur gf is to go get a pap ASAP! and not to panic!! If she is positive its very important she gets paps every six months to monitor it n hopefully her body will get rid of the virus on her own n she definitely needs to get her gardasil shots!! they r three shots over the course of months! I wish u both the very best of luck!! God bless!!

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