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imiquimod and the pain associated with it

I was diagnosed with type 6 or 11 HPV last week when my gyno discovered a few warts on the hymen area. I was devestated. He gave me Imiquimod and it seems to be having amazing results except one thing: I'm in so much pain I can't go to the bathroom without crying or screaming. I called the doc and he gave me lidocaine which helps but even putting it on initially is unbearable. What can I do to soothe this pain? Its rattling my nerves and I'm horrified to go to the bathroom. I've heard a long time ago about people with painful urination that they could pee in a tub or bowl of water. I don't know how I got this. My initial thought was from a man who raped me and an ex that cheated. But anyone can have this. Please help me!
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please believe that you are not the only one suffering your body will eventually fight off the virus ok :)
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