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imiquimod irrstation/sores

Ive been using imiquimod for almost the full term. The area affected is between my scrotum and inner thigh crease. In the matter of a night i got redness and sores. Ive stopped using it and wash daily. It doesnt help that its right where my jeans and underwear ride. Any help in relief?
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It will go away and heal once you stop using it. That stuff works just keep using it. I used it and it burned like Hell but guess what I haven't seen a wart in 5 years. It was called aldara what I used. I think that's what you are talking about. If not for future warts use aldara
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you can use a barrier cream like desitin on the area to help protect it and help it heal. even just using a cornstarch based baby powder on the area will help too.

did your warts go away?

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Only some went away. The cauliflower ones went away but the ones that looked more like moles didnt
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time to stop the cream then and resort to having them cut off. if they didn't go away by now, they won't.
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