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is this a wart (pictures included) ?

can anyone tell me if this is a wart: (cut out pictures of the same bump only / [not of my genital] ) its been there for like 2 months. my new doctor is saying that its not one! im confused cos im sure it looks like a wart.

picture 1: http://img22.imageshack.us/img22/3113/normalaw.jpg

picture 2 (my skin stretched): http://img22.imageshack.us/img22/8596/strecthed.jpg

by the way the bump is located at the bottom of my penis where my testicles start

short history:
i've had warts for 2 years. after trying cryotherapy and aldara nothing worked so 6 months ago i started the burning option. seems to have worked. last burning session was over 3 months ago. since then nothing has appeared except for this bump. its been there for like 2 months.

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Hard to say. Honestly I wouldn't bother it   If it is hpv it will go way    Being that you have such a mild case if it is a gw. I have gw but it's very mild.  At first I was so depressed and upset but then I realized it is just a fact of life.  It will go away and 10 years from now I won't even care or think about it. 2 years and the virus will clear. I'married and have 2 kids. I can't complain!
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Most doctors are reluctant to look at pictures, so us amateurs can't help you at all.

Go to a clinic to get a real diagnosis.
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yeah thanks guys. as i sad my new doctor is saying that its not a wart. but still, that bump is there and its disturbing me. its probably a wart.. ok i am a bit obsessed too but i've had enough of gw...
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Ya man I understand. I really wouldn't worry about it. But I know that's easier said than done. The good news though if it was it will go away and the virus will clear. If it isn't it is just a normal part of your anatomy.  So either way it doesn't matter. If u really keep obsessing go see a dermatologist and if they aren't sure ask for a biopsy. That will give u a definite answer. That way u can move on and worry about more important things. Keep me posted!
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