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little blister

Hello all,

  Well im a little concerned here, im a 22year old caucasian male. I believe im a carrier for HPV because about a year ago when my girlfriend of 3 years had a pap smear she was told she had HPV. I dont believe theres any reason i would have any other STD or HIV because in the past year ive had two HIV/STD tests (for the military) and everything came back negative. A week ago 11/17/08  I went for a workout at the gym as normally i work out 3-5 times a week. After my workout my friend insisted we go get something to eat, so we went straight from the gym to eat. I didnt get to shower after my workout but I took off my underwear and just put on my jeans (free balled it) the jeans are regular fitting, low rise. After eating we went and watched a movie, so it was hours after the gym that I finally got a chance to shower.

  The next morning (tuesday) i noticed I had a few  very small blisters on the head of my penis, they were painless little clear bumps but clear because of the blister fluid that was inside of them. I remained calm about it and said well, "they are either blisters from my jeans that were against my penis all day or maybe a little bit of a yeast infection" since a few years back i had jock itch before. These blisters did not itch, burn and were painless and i only really felt them when pressure was put on my crotch. I went and got some Lotrimin to put on them though in case it was a yeast infection/jock itch.

   By thursday night the blisters had drained and then skin gone down, but were now scabbed over. Since scabbing over my Lymph Nodes on both sides of my groin have become swollen, not drastically but they are definitely swollen. Since scabbing over ive been putting Neosporin on them and theyve been healing fine and im 99% sure theres no infection, but the swelling of my lymph nodes started to make me worry a little.

   Now with it being tuesday morning, my scabs are still healing fine and im still using the neosporin but my lymph nodes are still swollen. Now i dont know if this could be a form of acne or maybe its from using the neosporin too much but on the left side my penis head ive had like 3/4 very tiny bumps pop up, much smaller then the original blisters, but im not sure if id call them blisters or ulcers. They dont itch or burn any and i only feel a slight pain if i rub my finger across them.

  Im not trying to freak out too much here, but I just want to get back to normal. If this stuff is still around next week then im making a Dr's appointment. Please help, any advice or info is greatly appreciated, Thank You!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
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I can tell you that the blisters you are referring to are not from hpv and they are not warts because warts do not pop out and have no pus in them... Though all other symptoms seems normal but you may benefit putting your post on dermatology forum or men's health forum to see comments from people who are experiencing the same condition as yours... The best you can do is just keep the infected area clean & dry and see if those go away and you find some relief... you may need to wash the area with soap more than 2-3 times a day... A doctor's appointment is really a good idea...
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one another thing is that if your girlfriend was diagnosed with high risk hpv and you had sex with her, it is most likely that you are already infected with virus... unfortunately there is no fda approved test for men to diagnose hpv... hpv low risk strain are not a big issue for men but you now need to share this with you future partners... almost all of the strains are cleared by our immune system naturally within 6-24 months specially with the people having good life style, which i believe you already live a good lifestyle doing excercises, eating right and having good sleep etc.. your body might already have cleared the infections... high risk strain do almost never have any symptoms in men...
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Thanks so much for your response.

I went ahead and went to my Doctor yesterday, and his diagnosis was jock itch and he said putting neosporin on the scabs i have probably made it worse since an antibiotic will take away your good bacteria too. He did give me a firm "No" when he told me it wasnt HPV.

But they did take my blood again because they said they would need to test me for Herpes and Syphilis. Ocotober 21 I was tested for HIV and all the other STD's as part of a check up and everything came back negative... Im assuming everything should come back negative again, nothing ive seen or read resembles Syphilis i dont think, but it seems as if the symptoms and looks between the jock itch on my penis head or herpes are somewhat similar. So if i should have herpes then my blood test from last month must have missed it somehow  : (
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