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mastubrating and sex after freezing

I just found out I had HPV yesterday and had my warts frozen and was given aldara to use in two days time. My question was, when would it be ok to masturbate again, and when would it be ok to have sex again?
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Is no one answering because they are not sure, or because they think this is a stupid question?
It is a serious question. I hadn't masturbated or had sex with my girlfriend for about two weeks before my doctor's appointment because I had initially thought I was chafing and didn't want to irritate it more. When I went to the doctor, he told me it was genital warts, and froze them.
Two days later, nothing hurts, and I can't really see much. But, I'm about to start Aldara tomorrow, and I'm not going to be able to masturbate for the next two weeks to two months, and so I'm wondering if it would be ok to masturbate before I begin, and also how long after using the aldara can I have sex again?
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I don't think this is a stupid question at all.  My son is struggling with these as well, and I would like to see an answer to this question too.  Maybe no one knows, but as you've just gone to the doctor, perhaps you could call him and ask....?
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Also, I'm curious as to what other options the doctor discussed with you?  Do they recommend freezing then aldara over other topically applied options?  Did they discuss scarring?  My son has resisted having them burned or frozen off because of potential scarring... how did you decide which treatment to choose?
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Unfortunately, I don't really have much more info. After he told me, the next thing I knew he was freezing them off. I'm actually going to see another doctor before I begin the Aldara, just to be sure. When he told me of this process, he never mentioned scarring or the other side effects. I'm hoping that after talking to another doctor that I will be able to make a more informed decision.
Good luck, and if you'd like, I can tell you what the next doctor says
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You can masturbate whenever you want, with it on or off the skin, it won't interfere.  Do not have sex when Aldara cream is on the skin.  Keep in mind it can also weaken diaphragms and condoms.  The Aldara website (aldara.com) has a lot of good information about the drug, and what to expect/avoid.
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thanks for responding!
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