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oral cancer

i have had leoplakia for a year and a half, is it possible for it to be wart realted? i only had sex once. can you get hpv from kissing, i went down on her for like 5 seconds, but didnt like it. so i stopped. biopsy is in one month a long wait. and it might be less because my doctor trying to get dermatologist to biospy this. but i will show ent. i am concerned it might be erythroplakia. i am very scared. what the chances i had only one sexual partner. i don't wanna die, or have cancer I'm only 20. i have had a history or gerd, i have been told that can cause but i have taken pills for about 2 months no improvement. iunno, what are the chances it can be something so dangerous. does it sound like it. i feel like something is in my throat but once i threw up and it was cleared up after. but returned in a few weeks. i have been told it caused by ger. i am just fairl conceded i stopped living my life. i am always worrying allays afraid. i just need some reassurance. i don't wanna die or have cancer. please help. does it sound like it?
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You cannot get HPV from kissing, and it is very difficult to get it from oral sex. It is very very very unlikely you got HPV from a 5 second exposure with oral sex.

Don't panic, you are not going to die. People who develop oral cancer through HPV, develop it over a number of years after exposure, so it's not something that appears very quickly.

It seems like you have had a lot of advise from Drs and they have not found it to be HPV related so you should follow what they say as they are very knowledgable.
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Do you use smokeless tobacco? If not, it is unlikely that you are at significant risk for oral cancer. If so, speak to your Dr. about it honestly and openly.

Even if it is a plakia, there is only a small chance that it will develop into cancer.

Don't overthink this. Most likely you're going to come out of this just fine. Worrying won't help so try not to speculate too much. And if you can't stop worrying, talk to your Dr. about that too.

Best of luck.
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thank you for the support I am just really scared stopped living my life thinking and being scared just talk to homeopathic doc about said it could be genetic or sexually transmitted this scared me more I just wanna be a good person.  I don't smoke drink use tabacco I lived a good life until I made one mistake started shortly after I was with a woman iunno I just get scared I need to get icebergs. none of the docs saying it is something to be afraid of but I need to know I am just really scared need to biopsy it . I hope its nothing this was first girl to what am I doing. I just wanna be fine
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I can't believe I did this I was under alot of stress what does this mean for me my life over do I give up on women. is there anything I can do I love my family I can't believe I did this and let them down this was my first time how do rappers and althletes have so much sex and nothing like this happens I wish I was better I don't want this
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It seems like you are making the situation much bigger than it actually is. Your exposure is not a high enough risk to believe you have oral HPV. The Drs have told you that you are healthy so you should put more trust in them and try to uncover the reason why you are so paranoid. Often people come to this site for help when they have very very low exposures to HPV, and 99% of the time they do not have HPV or any other STD. The truth is the only person that can help you is yourself. Stop researching online and reading the worst-cast-scenario stuff, because that would make anybody paranoid and the worst-case-scenarios (like cancer) are usually the least possible. Trust the Drs and educate yourself on HPV enough to learn your chances of getting HPV in the way you explain is too unlikely to worry so much about
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yeah it is just i think i saw something that was something like a wart iunno. i am just scared i don't want to have cancer from this one stupid decision. i regret to this very day. i am just scared cause i have some loose teeth. i have white and red patches and it feels like something has been in my throat. I have also had cough for sometime now to. but i do i have gerd. it has been said it can cause i have been on pills for almost 2 months no change. i guess I'm just really looking for someone to say its gonna be ok. i just don't want to have this i am actually really scared. i have stopped living my life always in fear for past 2 years i thought i had aids, then herpes, then hep c, then herpes, again all negative this is something i feel is an actually danger cause i see red and white spots inside cheek. i just made one mistake first time. i hear this is incredibly rare so i really shouldn't worry. I just want to be ok. i have ENT appointment in about 2 and a half weeks. i am gonna ask him to biopsy. i think he should be able to give some answers i am just scared. i want to be ok. i hear this is rare so i am trying to tell my self i don't have it could be something else. I have my other brother i told him. he was supportive in beginning but now i feel he i just annoyed and i don't really have anyone to comfort.  he being pretty harsh. iunno i just want to be ok. and live a normal life. be a good person. i stopped living life for 2 years i just wanna get my health together so i can start feeling normal and free again. i miss my old self. why i did what i did i will never know. i was just stressed and my family life was all messed up and i had to find an outlet and i did this. i would make my family ashamed. i wanna be ok. i want my health to be in  order. so i can start living again. is topped studying, stopped going to gym, stopped looking for girlfriends, i want to be good again. i want to be able to do these things. start going to school again and start lving again. I just don't wanna have this. warts aren't dangerous but this can be. i hope its not it. i just want to be ok and not have to worry about these things anymore.
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