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single bump/wart/pimple?

A few years ago I would say august 2010 I was in the shower shaving and I noticed a bump, it was very small at the time I was with my first bf had unprotected a few times. The bump was located in my left inner thigh. (A few inches away from the vagina lips) I thought it was a bump from shaving. I thought nothing of it, but it grew and look like a pointy pimple. Ieft it for a year and thought it was nothing but a pimple that wouldn't go away on its own. In July 2011 I went to my obgyn to get a check up (not for the bump) I came because I was concerned about vaginal discharge. I saw him looking at the bump but he didn't say anything about it. When I came back for results he checked me and then asked me how long I had the bump and he said it looked like a wart. He even asked the nurse to get him something to cut it off. The nurse looked at him like :/ he was going to cut it off? Then he told me to call his other office so that I can remove the wart but I couldn't because they didn't take my insurance, so I just waited until it left on its own. On sept 2011 I put my pad on and sat down and I felt the pimple hurting so bad when I went to the bathroom blood was coming out of it. It was crushed ugh! I know disgusting. Then It shrunk in less than 3 weeks and was gone completely. Was this even a wart? Do warts bleed? What on earth was this and why did it stick around like this?
I've been getting regular paps since and std checks and everything always comes back normal.
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No, warts do not bleed. Your negative test results means you do not have HPV or the virus is at such low levels in your body that the tests cannot detect it.
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