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skin tag or wart?

So my husband had what appeared to be 2 little skin tags on the shaft of his penis.  One near the tip that was turning color (black) As a nurse, I was alarmed at the color change and forced him to a dermatologist.  The dermatologist froze them all and told him it was more than likely HPV.  He did not biopsy them because he told my husband it would be too painful, I am upset about that too.    Now, he has had these for over 10 years because he said he had them even before we got together (we have been together for 10 years)  I find this impossible to be HPV because he said he never had sex without a condom until we got together. In my past relationships, I did have unprotected sex.   In ten years, we have had a lot of sex and all types, if this was HPV, wouldn't I have had some syptoms by now?  I have never had an abnormal pap, we have 3 children so I have had TONS of vag exams, my ob told me he has never seen anything but that I could be immune to it??  These are the same ones he has had for years, no new ones.. what is your opinion?  He even gave my husband a script for aldara (think that is it) and told him to tell me to get the same, my doc said he wont waste my time or money.
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As a nurse, I am sure you know the answers to most of these questions.

I agree with you and your doctor.

It would be very unusual to have warts for 10 years. It is hard to argue with a diagnosis made by a dermatologist, although it seems as though some doctors prefer to treat suspected warts instead of using time/resources to diagnose them. Since warts are hardly ever serious, I guess that isn't such a bad course of action.

If his was HPV than you likely were exposed to it, either before or after meeting your husband. Most HPV infections are asymptomatic and are cleared by your immune system within 6-24 months. Your immune system response often creates an immunity to the specific strain, which is one reason why organizations like the CDC say that you are unlikely to get the same infection twice.

In the absence of symptoms, there is no treatment for HPV. Aldara cream is applied directly to warts, so you GYN is right about it being a waste of time for someone without warts. Continue to get regular examinations, PAPs, and HPV tests, and you should be fine.
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my ob told me there i no hpv test ??? I thought there was, thank you.. what is the hpv test?
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