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small bumps on the vulva

ok so i recently got back with my ex and yes we are sexually active....while we apart i had sex with two other guys.  I did use a condom both times but now im really worried because yesterday in the shower i noticed a small cluster like 3 little pimples the color of my skin on the outside of my vulva near the entrance to my vagina.  Im really nervous and have an appointment scheduled for next week but am not sure if I should be freaking out this much...Ive tried looking but the sight isn't to clear and I am still sexually active with my partner. Do you think I could have HPV or just pimples or something else down there?...Like i said they are pen point small, painless the color of my skin and not really hard.....Please help!!!!!!!
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hey i was just curious if you found out anything when you went to the doctor? i have similar bumps on the entrance to mine..on the bottom side. they look like little white bumps i assumed it was just from the friction but now im starting to get worried..
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well, I hate to tell you this, but unfortunatly that is how my warts started out..:(.. and they stayed that way for about 2 weeks and then got bigger .. so before they get bigger.. i found out that castor oil works..i took a cotton ball and saturated it with castor oil.. you can get it at walmart..i like that brand..cvs kinds *****..and i just stuck it down there and right on top on them and let it sit there 24/7 i would change it out 3/4 times a day with other saturated castor oil balls of slop!!.. hahaha.. but hell warts need air to breed and spread.. and the castor oil suffacates them and they die.. so.. take it for what it's worth .. also.. here is a wonderful site earthclinic.com and go under aliments and look up genitalwart and start reading.. I have been lost in this website for months now... there is so much great INFO in there.. OMG!!!... so IMFORMATIVE.... be well!!,,, healursoul
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Thanks for your reply..but mine have not grown..i first noticed them in december when i went in for my pap the doctor did not seem at all concerned and my pap came back fine. they by the end of the month they were gone..only to return when i started having regular sex. i have been with my bf for 2 1/2 years..and we were both virgins. ive dealt with painful sex since we started and still do..and that area always seems to get sore and tear so i figured it was just how my skin grew back. i'll have to go back to the doc and see i guess
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