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Hello to all! I am interested in hearing about your symptoms, did you just wake up one morn and have a wart? or did you get sick at all? Did you have itchy/burning skin? What has your experience been like? I would appreciate any responses please send me a message!!!
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Intense itching for 6 months before a tiny bump the size of a pin point appeared. After treating it a few months later I noticed 1 or 2 more which were slightly bigger but still small. The second time round I did not have itching.
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No symptoms for me, other than noticing some small warts. They were at the base of my penis (I use condoms regularly) and were noticed after trimming my hair.

The warts were very small(had several clustered over a square centimeter (or so)) but obviously wart like.

Though itching and burning have been reported by people with HPV infections, HPV may not be the direct cause. Most HPV infections do not cause these symptoms (and people don't often have general illness). I suppose warts could become irritated through friction, which my cause them to itch, hurt, bleed etc.
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Hello Russty,

I have been infected from Hpv for 2 weeks. I found out that i have warts inside my penis (urinary part) which is very rare symptoms for Hpv n it's a high risk  and the doctor told me that he can't do anything to watch me suffer cancer.............I don;t really know what to do? I am so scare and my life is over. Can anyone tell me what shall I do?

thank you so much
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Thanks for your reply!!! It is nice of you to describe what so many Dr.s could not for me! Your symptoms are very similar to mine.....I know that can drive you crazy!!!!! Hang in there!!! I know this sucks and is very hard to deal with,I have been dealing with for two years, and know Idea what it was? Thank you for the information. I know its easy to get depressed & I wish you peace of mind and the strengh to make it thru!!!!
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Hey Russty. Well all i remember isabout 6-7 years ago i had sex with at the time my girlfriend and of coarse i wore a condom... I remember she would ride me extremly hard.. anyways i notice a few weeks after (maybe 2 weeks) I had a bunch of little bumps in my pubic hair area(above the 3 inchs above the penis).. There may have been like 8-10 small bumps.. kinda like pimples, but not.. I hot worried they may be herpes..anyhow.. I went to my regular doctor and they said it was herpes. I was really upset and i had my g-friend at that time get a HIV  test(she was negitive and did not have any herpes symptoms) anywyas I had these bumps for like 6 weeks which is NOT normal for herpes which last for a few weeks after the blisters pop and u normally have pain and other symtoms(i did not have any other symptoms).. So I went to a dermitologist. He said he is 99% sure it is NOT herpes.. He did a scrap, blood test, and etc and all came back neg... He said it was folicitiist..  Okay I am getting to the point.. Eventually these bumps went away maybe like 2 months till it was total gona, plus me and the girl broke up from all the drama.... well after a few months i notice i had 1 little bump to the left of the effected area.. at this point i could not remember if i had it prior to all this drama or ??? .. anyways I have had this same looking flat flesh bump that has another little one attached to it for like 7-8 years...
My dermotlogigst said its probably HPV, but he would have to remove it.. I hate to cut it off cause its been there 7-8 years with no issues..  Sory about my long history...  i guess i was venting..   ihave not had any issues other than a raise skin bump...  
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