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throat cancer and hpv

I have just been diagnosed with HPV with ACUS.  I have a biopsy coming up to confim everything,  Anyway, my ex had throat/tonsil cancer 2 yrs ago.  I put in a call to his oncologist today and he can't rule out that the virus was associated with his cancer.  Now, is this still considered a STD?  With my current boyfriend, what do I tell him?.  He is aware of the ACUS but I have not told him about the HPV hoping it's a mistake.
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i'm sorry I tried looking it up but what is ACUS?

Honestly your BF could be the one who gave it to you, or he could have already HPV as most ppl have had some strain of HPV and never knew it.

This is not a big deal and if you are looking for a long term relationship then you will have to be honest with him and just be honest with him. Give him the facts.

Most HPV infections will clear on they're own with in 2 years and 2 years being the longest.

I also don't think his throat cancer would have anything to do with your HPV, but he could have given you HPV through sexual relations as he could have had it and not know it.
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