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vaccine coverage

I have been wanting the HPV vaccine for awhile now. When the FDA approved it for boys in 2009 insurance did not cover it. I was 19 then and the health department said they only give vaccines to uninsured children 18 and under... I called my insurance today because I heard blue cross has finally started covering boys for the gardisil vaccine. Apparently they only cover boys 9-21 even though the FDA approved it for 9-26 and they cover girls 9-26. I turn 22 this month so they said I am not eligible.. even for the first 120 dollar shot... Why is this? I am a pre-med major and also gay male and well aware of the associations between HPV and anal cancer. The HIV clinic i volunteer at even does anal pap smears for their gay male clients.I'm thinking about just sucking it up and shelling out the dough since i know I'm ineligible. I have had two sex partners my whole life and wore condoms all but once. I did however contract warts a couple years ago in my pubic area in which my dermatologist recommended the vaccine. (I'm over that episode now thank God). I know the vaccine wouldn't help for that strain but there are others included in it.. So why are guys discriminated by the insurance companies? This is very frustrating to me... thoughts? advice? etc...
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