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vagina very painful from chem burn need hlp

I have hpv,and i had a reoccurence of gw so m doc 0rescribed aldara. ******* hell hole in a packet. after only s couple days of using it, yesterday my vagina lips swoll up along with the middle portion too. i began to walk funny because it would hurt to bump them together. i was at work still and needed to home asap. that night i had a ton of needed plans and didnt get to do any of them because i was lying in bed the rest of the night crying, sore, swollen, aching, couldnt pee wo it burning badlyyyyyyyyy, and bleeding. i was in the worst pain i thought te swelling would never go down. but today the sweeling has reduced but the pain still remians along with some sarri ng, puss ooze, blistering, and horrible intense burning when i pee.can anyone tell me who to make this pain go away and stop the blistering? i know its due to the aldara because i tried to use it a couple times one day to speed up the process instead of two times a day like i had been doing. i hav to go go to work tomorrow and my parents are worrying about me but i refuse to tell thme. i just need to get better can anyone help
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did u use this internally?my understanding is this is not to be used internally only externally for warts!
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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!  Stop what you have done and go to the doctor immediately. You may have injured the nerves permantly. I really mean this. You may develop serious problems since you put more on than directed. OMG, I am scarred for you. Call doctor tomm and tell him that u put more on. Next time follow the directions and good luck
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i did not put this medicine inside my vagina. i still feel sensation when i touch it too. I think it in its healing process of scabbing on the sides right now, but i literally can't walk without discomfort or pee without it either. Does anyone know anything i could do at home with out going to the doctor? somebody please help.
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Hi hon. I can help you greatly. You must pm me and I will give you a wealth of information as my hubby is a doctor that specializes in a condition called vulvar pain disorder. These women get this disorder b/c of trauma such as chemical burns to their vulva. Many live in constant pain forever. So message me hon. I am committed to help you sweet girl.Do you know how to do this? Or can you make up a new email under google so we can communicate this way? Let me know. I really want to help you. I will get back to you asap.
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What you can do is sitz baths. They are special devices that are placed on the toilet that you fill with warm water. You sit in the water for approx 15 mins at a time. You can also put a touch of baking soda in this as it aids in the healing process. Then keep your bottom free from clothing and let the air hit it. Only and I mean only wear cotton underwear and loose fitting clothing. You can also just sit in the tub instead of buying the sitz bath. Good luck
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