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very small smooth bumps on the shaft of my penis

i am 24 years old guy sexually active with my girlfriend(unprotected). i have been in a relationship with her for almost 2 years now before her i just had intercourse with my ex and same goes with her. she is not having bumps any were on the genitals.
i am not under any medication or does not have any preexisting disease. about 13 days back i had first shot of hbv vaccine and before doing that had my liver function test done which was normal.
Couple of months ago i noticed few very small bumps on the circumsized  part of my penis. these bumps are only felt when i move a finger over them but can be seen with the naked eye. the color is same as of the skin around them.no pain no itching or any kind of discharge. there are almost 5 dots on the upper side of the shaft all well separate from each other, on the lower side (side laying on the scrotum) just under the edge of the glance penis there is a cluster of same dots together(6-7).
Are these genital warts, am i infected with hpv.
i am a medical intern and went to see a dermatologist at my hospital today he asked me to come on Thursday and said he will do the nitric acid test. as i asked him for the diagnosis he said can be normal or hpv (warts) he also added if they are diagnosed as genital warts then he would do cryotherapy.
i know there is no cure for hpv but my immune system will play a part. i even know there are over 100 strains of hpv of which some end as cancer.
please help me out if i have hpv is it dangerous,is cryotherapy gonna give me relief form these warts, is this therapy costly, if diagnosed with hpv will it cause any health related problems later in my life, can i continue my sexual relation with my partner.
please reply i am really very scared.
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It is possible you have HPV, but you never know until you have the test done. HPV dosen't cause health problems unless you have the strain that causes cancer. The strain that causes cancer takes years and years (and even then it only sometimes turns into cancer) and it isn't the same strain that causes genital warts. So if you have genital warts, that isn't the strain that causes cancer. Cryotherapy should get rid of the symptoms. Though different people react differently to treatments, I used Aldara cream which got rid of them in less than 2 weeks, though others find the cream dosen't work for them. You just have to be patient and persist with treatment. You can continue your sexual relationship if you want, if she dosen't have HPV then she is likely to catch it from you at some point so she should probably get tested to see. For now maybe use a condom to lessen the chance of her catching it untill she gets tested. HPV is very scary but it isn't as bad as people think. A lot of people have one outbreak and then never again, though some have more stubborn cases. Just stay healthy, take vitamins, do your treatment and try and stay stress free.
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I will write this assuming you have HPV and help answer your questions.

The types of hpv that cause genital warts are not usually linked to cancer (if ever), however you can be infected with more than one type of hpv. If you are also infected with a cancer causing type, do not lose sleep over this because penile cancer is vanishingly rare, moreover, you will never know if you are or not infected with this type because the results do not come back as a specific type, only positive or negative. The only time you can get a specific type test is in a more advanced research setting, probably not applicable from your dermatologist.

You can keep having sex as normal, but I would recommend telling your girlfriend from an ethical standpoint. Don't be scared, this is a trivial virus and will most likely only pose as a brief inconvenience. Having the warts frozen off is a good way to get relief... it's fast and mostly effective. You can also use this method in conjunction with the aldara cream to get a two prong attack going on.

Best of luck friend,
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thanks for keeping my hopes alive.
i went to see the doctor today. he did an acetic acid swap of my penis(the bumps) after hvinf a good look he said no color change and the test is negative but he still did cryotherapy and asked to give him a visit in a week time.
i asked him shall i go for the specific test required to diagnose hpv he said no need.
i still got my blood collected at the lab to rule out hiv.
will get the result in 2 hours from now.
as he did this cryotherapy the affected part has changed its color to dark..how long will it take to get rid of all this?
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guys i got my hiv test result as negative.
isn't it if a wart is swabbed with acetic acid it changes its color but with me i had this test in the morning no color changes.
i guess these are not warts.
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ohhh god....
got my biopsy result today....NEGATIVE.
tomorrow will get herpes test done.
i suggest all men to get biopsy of the lesions done some times lesions are mistaken as warts.
i was under great stress.
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I am very pleased for you :)
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