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want to have a baby

Hello everyone, a quick summary about my situation:
Got condyloma from partner year 2000, we both got them burnt. They reappeared, I used Aldara my partner got them burned again. I have been clean from warts for 3 years but my partner (now my husband) seems to have a small wart again. I am sick and tired of fighting against condyloma because it keeps winning.
We want to have a baby. Does anyone know how it may affect my pregnancy? Does the baby get infected?
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is this internal?ur doctor would know and u may want to re-post this question to Drs.Hook and Handsfield in the experts forum of look for their responses on this topic.i have read that internal HPV warts  cannot be burned out during a pg and the baby may get them in the throat......but again this is best addressed by medical folks!
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My Dr is on leave and we saw the wart yesterday. All my tests are clear plus I got Gardasil vacine. We have been trying to get pregnant for the past 2 months. What happens if we carry on and I get pregnant? You are certainly right about the medical folks, but maybe someone here might have gone through the same experience and can give me an answer.
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this wart is xternal right?do u have any internally?i sure hope someone comes on and posts to u.....there used to be some women with good info and xpeiences posting and their not around anymore it seems!also googling condyloma warts and pregnancy may give u some info ur looking for!
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yes there is only one external wart and its on my husband's. I have not had any for 3 years. I am not pregnant yet. What happens if I get pregnant before my husband gets cured? Will it affect the baby? I don't believe HPV will ever go away.
Thankyou İbizan :)
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I looked through google before becoming a member of this community but never found exactly what I was looking for. Today I googled the exact words you gave me and bulls eye. Thankyou very much İbizan.
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I googled as well and found many links that seemed like they would answer ur question.....glad u found some!If ur hub is the one with a external wart and u have none that is good..i have read that babies can get warts if mother has them in the vaginal canal while their pregnant and cannot get removed until after baby is delivered. and HPV clears the cervix and lies dormant in the body.U cannot catch the same strain twice.If u clear it and get re-xposed to new strain u get that strain!take good care of urself dear!:)and keep up with the paps!
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