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what happens next?

So, I am 6 months pregnant, and having a healthy pregnancy :) However, I have had a dormant strain of HPV pop up in the form of genital warts, due to cell changes from the pregnancy (which I found is very common). I had my first treatment of TCA today. Everything is just looking a bit white down there, but my question is...Do the warts just flake away? When is it safe to have intercourse with my husband? (The warts are not near my vaginal opening.) I suppose I should have asked my doc! Lol! But I was a little uncomfortable with the treatment, now I'm fine :) any feedback would be appreciated!
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Within a week you will be fine, with me it was about the 5 day mark that things were back to normal, just in time for my next treatment each week. lol

I would say have sex after a few days post treatment and when you feel comfortable. The white skin will losen and come off then the skin under will be a bit darker for a while.
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Thanks again, Mags! I dedinitely wasn't thrilled when I saw what I looked like down there! Lol! He didn't put acid on one of the areas because it was enflamed, and I go for a reg appt in 2 weeks anyways so he will do a second treatment then. Was a little uncomfortable but feeling okay now. Thanks for your support :)
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My doc started to fan me with a magazine, I asked her if that was something they taught in med school. LOL I didn't mind any little bit of pain because I want them gone! I found the acid worked great at killing off any new warts I had each week. I am using Aldara now and it's slow but then I only have 2 warts, the first one I ever got and I tend to wonder if it is even a wart and one I got between my last acid and first Aldara treatments. They are not growing so that's good. Just have to wait til this passes for good.

Def have your doc look into any risk to the baby when passing through the birth canal. I don't know if that is with high risk or low risk but there have been cases of a oral issues in kids from exposure during birth. Just like if a mom has strep. Don't let that scare you, I just wanted to give you the info to be cautious. Best of luck with your pregnancy and enjoy that little one!
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I have heard that they may not deliver vaginally if I have surface warts...I'm prepared for that. He said mine done look too bad, so he thinks with one more treatment, I will be worry free :)
About the fanning...funny you mention. I told my hubby I almost asked my doc to blow on it...lol!! That would've been awkward, I'm sure! :o)
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It was a bit to be in that position, prob why I made the joke!

I am glad to hear they discussed this with you. I didn't know a lot about it and so it's good to know that a low risk strain is a factor. I hate to scare any pregnant woman by warning them there could be an issue but I have children of my own and so I would have wanted to know if I had any risk.
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Okay, so it has been 2 days-post treatment. The white from the acid has fallen off, but now I'm starting to itch again...is this normal?? If so, can I use an anti-itch cream? Like Vagicaine? My hubby says its probably because I'm healing...?? I used so aloe wipes to help calm it, that seemed to help.
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I agree the itching is prob from healing. I went away for a few days so sorry, I am just now responding. How did it go for you over the weekend?
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The weekend was great! Sunday though, is when I started to feel discomfort. I feel alot better down there, than I did before treatment, some warts are almost gone. I know my doc will probably need to treat me a few more times..Where they are at, my underwear seam hits them and I think that's why they are getting uncomfortable. I try to wear a panty-liner just to avoid any friction(plus being preggo, I have discharge all the time)...I may call my nurse this week to see if I can do anything. :)
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Actually I had more discharge and the docs couldn't tell me this was due to HPV so I researched and found it is a symptom of low risk HPV with warts. Basically it is your body trying to shed the virus. That and you are right, the hormones with pregnancy creates more so you have double reasons for extra discharge! In time your warts will go away and the baby will be born and things can be normal again. :)
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