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will HPV show up 25 years on?

I was treated 25 years ago for genital warts (well 1 wart actually) and it went away after a few months.

I have never had any since no any other sti’s and was tested at the time and all clear.

I have been married since but separated last year and have met a new girl and we want to both get fully tested so we can be more intimate.

Being screened in the UK is it likely It will show up I had hpv 25 years ago as I haven’t told her about that as had pretty much forgotten about it and we have used condoms all the time since I met her.

I am concerned that when we get the test results she might get a fright if it says positive for HPV or is this unlikely 25 years on and am I worrying about nothing?

I am not sure whether to mention it to her beforehand in case I get a positive result or deal with it IF it comes back postive.

I would appreciated some advice please.
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I’d say you’re home free, unless you’ve catched a different strain or was reinfected again... reinfection is more likely than recurrence... usually from either the same or different strain...
Just be loyal this time... stick to the one you really love... monogomy is the key in the long run... i’ve read somewhere, that older men usually have lower prevalance of hpv, maybe due to developed immunity in different hpv types through the years.
But then again... as CDC and WHO would suggest, clearance is the Norm, recurrent infections maybe due to your own weak immune system, abuse of your own body in excessive drinking, smoking, drugs or malnutrition or if you’re diabetic, and into some kind of maintenance drugs...
Having a normal healthy immune system will usually clears this off...
Thanks Joe, reading more on here from the doctors tell me it’s fine. In fact they mention after a few months of being clear you can assume it’s gone and there isn’t a need to discuss with future partners so that is good to know.
I may tell her anyway as honesty is important but the timing may not be right today.

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