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If warts may not appear for months to years after coming in contact with infected person and you have had a pap smear every year how many years can this go undetected?
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Mine was suppressed for a decade until stress made them flare up for the very first time.
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My doctor told me that because I have had a pap smear every year for 11 years before this one that was abnormal he could pin point the year because the pap smears before were normal. And you talk about stress bringing this out I don't believe that to be completely true, because 5 years before this I went thur a very hard time that I tought I was going to die. I know that they are still researching this. I personal believe that our bodies are made to attack anything that comes into our body that is abnormal. and by having a pap smear every year we can stay ahead of the game because a pap smear will pick up anything abnormal, even yeast.
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