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Cause of High Blood Pressure

Hi,  I am 44 year old female with history of SVT, Thyroid cancer.  Since I was a teenager I have had a problem with low blood pressure.  PCP has even told mr to "eat more salt" to raise my blood pressure.  My pressure generally runs 90's over 50's.  I am a nurse and have had many doctor's appointments and pressure rarely gets over 100/60 as anxiety at appointments is never an issue.  The last month I have had 2 doctor appointments and blood pressures were 138/84   and 128/86.  My doctor didn't think much of it but I am concerned.  I have been checking it at work now and it is consistently 120's to 130's over 70's to 80's.  What could cause a sudden increase in blood pressure?  I had my thyroid levels checked and all ok.  WHat else could I be checked for?
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Dear rondoo,

I have gone through your query. Primary hypertension generally sets in between 30 t0 50 years of age. And Hypertension is defined as BP more than 140/90. So definitely, you do not have hypertension as yet irrespective of your earlier BP.

Your current readings fall into a category known as prehypertension. By definition, it is systolic BP between 120 to 139 or diastolic between 80 to 89. Prehypertensive patients are thought to be at higher risk of developing hypertension and are hence advised to take lifestyle measures to delay the onset of hypertension. Lifestyle measures would include salt restricted diet, consumption of lots of fruit and vegetables, regular exercises and maintaining ideal body weight.

I suggest you to follow a healthy lifestyle as suggested above. You should also check your blood pressures once in two months so that medications may be started at the earliest if needed.

I don’t think any further tests are needed at this point.

Hope that this information helps.

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Dr. Gopi A.
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