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Why my blood pressure is lower than ususal

My blood pressure is usually around 120/85 all my life. Thi week I noticed a change in the reading.

for the last three days it is:


The only that changed is I have been drinking 2 bottles of 500 cl of water a day. in each bottle I add juice of one lemon. I have doing this for the last month.

When I noticed the change of my BP I stopped drinking the water with lemon juice for the last 2 days but still my BP is 114/76

Can somebody tell me why and what to do please.

And does the lemon affect my BP?

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Started a 3rd new drug (water pill) to lower my blood pressure although my pulse is still ranging from 100 bpm sitting on the couch to walking up stairs it jumps to 140 bpm.  Doc says give it a week on new drug but nothing is changing with my pulse after 5 days, however my blood pressure is lower 115/80.  Should I be worried with it this high all the time?  Please help, don't know if a trip to the hospital should be the next move to see a cardiologist instead of waiting weeks for an appointment.
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Hello. Thank you for your question.

If a patient of mine told me those readings I would tell him or her those are normal readings and he or she has nothing to worry about. I would recommend no dietary changes to them.

I am not aware of lemon affecting blood pressure.

Very Respectfully,
Dr. S
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500 ml
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