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Dear Doc
I have concern about my bp
My average bp reading will be 140/85. Second reading after 1 min 135/80 like that
What should I do my weight is 90 kg
I have some bowel movement issues in a day  I use to go washroom 3 or 4 times
And gas problem brumps
What should I do please guide me
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My doctor when concerned about my blood pressure had me check three times a day for three months and record it to give to them.  It's one way to get a picture for someone with borderline hypertension.  Your bp readins you've gotten are borderline but just that and a couple of readings does not mean prehypertension.  If you want to track it, get a good home monitor.  Put feet on ground flat and arm at chest level.  Think peaceful thoughts, take bp and write it down. Do this for a bit and provide information to your doctor

Ways to work on blood pressure if your doctor thinks its okay for you to do so.  Exercise. 20 to 30 minutes a day five days a week of activity that raises your heart rate. It has to be in at least 10 minute increments. The American Heart Association endorses this.  Also, Look into food choices.  The Mediterranean diet or DASH diet are both endorsed for their heart healthy support.  
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Mom, this question comes up a bit these days.  If your doc told you which products are reliable, it might be helpful if you listed them here.  I've read that none of the home tests most often used are at this point in time accurate, but probably are accurate enough for some of them if you do what you did, which is check it often so you can average it out.  Sounds like you have a very good doc.  I know the Apple Watch, for example, isn't considered very accurate yet and it's one of the most used and accurate ones out there, but again, the way your doc had you do it would make any test a lot more accurate when averaged out.  Again, you're really lucky, it sounds like your doc is really good.  Peace.
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Get it checked by a doctor -- if you're checking it at home, whatever you're using may not be all that accurate.  BP does fluctuate.  If you get it checked by the doc and it checks out high, you might not immediately need to take whatever medication most docs recommend, as you're young, but you probably in any case whatever you do need to look at your diet, exercise habits, etc.
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My age is 31 Indian
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