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190/140 - Bad readings from the blood pressure monitors?

Doctors have been bugging me about my blood pressure for a few years, but I usually shrugged them off.  My family has high blood pressure and all seem to be just fine.  I guess my grandma had a stroke in her 90s, but she was fine.  I think my ancestor's died of heart failure, because they don't usually declare you as dead if you still have a pulse.

Anyway, after too many doctor's talking to me like my blood pressure is going to put me in the morgue next week,  I finally sought treatment for high blood pressure.  I got some pills and a monitor.  My last reading at the doctor was 190/140, which puts me at around 5-10% chance of death from heart disease or stroke each over the next year.

I just don't FEEL like my blood pressure is that bad, because I sure feel my heart pound at times.... so I played with my blood pressure monitor for a good while, and the measurements were all over the place.

Finally, I figured out, that if I keep my hand FLAT, like the picture on my monitor, then I get a reliable and constant 130/90, which sounds correct to me.  If I let my fingers bend at all, then I get these wild readings. putting me at a 0.2% chance each of death from heart disease or stroke over the next year.

Any one had a similar experience?
Do you think the 130/90 is the right number?
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Hi there. I honestly think its time for you to get serious about your health.
You went to the doctor, he measured your BP at 190/140. Well my friend this is classified as a medical emergency. The standard rule is that if its over 180 and over 120 (Either of the readings) its time to go to the ER. You seem a it flippant, messing around with a bp monitor. Your chances of a serious outcome are pretty possible given your current hypertension. You need to take action. Firstly go back to your doctor today. Get a 24 AMBP test done asap. This will give the true average of your BP for the day.Take the meds prescribed by the doctors.Its foolhardy to rely on what happened with your relatives healthwise. Deal with your own health. On the subject of Heart Failure that you mentioned, It can be caused by uncontrolled BP. It can over time cause reduced EF, LVH and other heart and ventricle problems, as well as arrythmias. So time for action.
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If you think you can 'FEEL' it when your blood pressure is high, you're wrong. You can have a blood pressure higher than a chicken's and not feel a thing.
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Before I found the right meds for my hbp, I'd be boppin' along and feeling great. Then I'd take my blood pressure and it would be something like 180/110.
I've been very good about taking my blood pressure meds over the past couple of years and my bp is always right around 112/75. Do I feel better than I used to? Nope, not a bit. In fact, when I was first adjusting to my hbp medication, I felt like crap despite my bp being perfectly normal.
Hypertension truly can be "the silent killer."
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Hi Anna, which meds are u on, as I have the same readings
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