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200/110 blood pressure

Hi, I'm 22 and I have normal BP at rest about 110/70-80. My heartbeat at rest is 80-90 normally. I don't have sports and I don't smoke. 3 weeks ago I have had a EKG stress test and my BP at max effort increase to 200/110. At rest I had 88 bpm and 125/85 then every 2 minutes there is an increase of 25W...
-25W 110 bpm and 125/90
-50W 135 bpm and 125/90
-75W 150 bpm and 130/95
-100W 175 bpm and 140/95
-125W 198 bpm and 160/100
-150W 205 bpm and 180/105
-175W 228 bpm and 200/110
After 5 minutes in recovery my heartbeat is 195 bpm and BP 160/100. I have had a very slow recovery, after 20 minutes my heart was about 90 bpm.

From the other cardiac examinations it has emerged that I have a slight hypertrophy of the left ventricle and a dilation of the left atrium.
I also have a moderate mitral insufficiency (when I was born it was a slight insufficiency) and a mild pulmonary stenosis (when I was child I have not it).
I am 178 cm tall and weigh 63 kg. I have not other health problems.
hypertension under stress can be linked to hypertrophy? in the future will I also suffer from resting hypertension? what is your opinion about my situation?
thanks a lot and best regards

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