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25! With Reacurring Hypertension!

I've recently had reacurring hypertension after a weekend of drinking (it's rare that I drink) Im healthy other than my moderate LVH ( left ventricular hypertrothy) it's said to have been caused by my hypertension. I gym 4-5 days a week. Recently I checked my bp after feeling my pulse thumping it was 154/72 my systolic is the hardest to control for me. I am on 4 different meds including a beta blocker I take at night. I check up with my cardiologist twice a year sometimes 3 times a yr. how at risk am I of dropping dead? Or having problems that could be tragic? I lift weights I don't lift lightly but I'm not competing so I don't over do it. Is this ok with LVH? How bad is 154/74? My doc said to keep it under 130 although it's hard for me to see that unless I'm sleeping
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