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25 with hypertension/lvh

My systolic has constantly been in the 140's-150's/70's pulse is around lower 60's. I am on two medications for hypertension...losartan 100mg/hctz and sprolactone 25 mg.

I was diagnosed with LVH (1.5 thickness) in 2013 heart echo from my cardiologist. Everything else was normal. I do keep regular appointments but it feels like there only solutions is mess rather than find the cause..(if there is one) it's frustrating.

I'm active, 6'3 not over weight, non smoker otherwise known to be healthy. I did notice I can only hold my breath for 25 secs before gasping...not sure if this can be related to an underlying issue. I've had a kidney renal test, blood tests, urine tests, cardiac enzymes test, stress test (by local doctor did not take blood pressure during it or after it just before it which it was 164/78) I was nervous but it's still high usually. All these come back fine.

Few quick questions...does LVH of my degree elevate systolic Bp? How long can I live with Bp like this if there's not a solution? I'm 24 years old should I take multiple meds or should I ask to switch them around because if the previous meds doesn't normalize it then why take the plus an added pill?

Thank and a reply would be greatly appreciated with some knowledge insight on the subject I will be watching this post. Thanks anD God bless
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