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Allergy to metoprolol extended release

Been taking metoprolol for about 10 years. Recently developed an all-over rash and went to dermatologist. He's convinced it's from the beta blocker. I started taking Repatha twice a month injectable pen in May 2018. My primary care thinks it's the cause of the rash. Has anyone else taken metoprolol for that long and suddenly become allergic? thank you.
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Update to my post of Dec 2018. Turns out Repatha has latex in the injector and I'm allergic to it. That probably caused the rash. Has anyone had this problem with Repatha or Praluent? I'd like to try Praluent.
That's unfortunate.  I read that praluent does not have latex in it but you will want to verify with your doctor!
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My comment has to do with the fact that Metoprolol is the cause of my diabetes - I believe.  I have come to believe that any med ending in -lol (such as Athenolol) raises a person's blood sugar.
Interesting.   And you are absolutely correct rosco888, beta blockers including metroprolol do raise blood sugar levels in some and may lead to unstable diabetes.  https://www.healthline.com/health/diabetes/beta-blockers-what-you-need-to-know#betablockers-and-blood-glucose.  Did the situation reverse for you upon discontinuing the drug?
No, Sara_MHModerator.  It was too late.  Thank you for asking.
That's truly unfortunate.  Are you then on medication for diabetes?  We have a diabetes forum for support but am sorry to hear of your experience.  
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I've taken metroprol for close to 10 years and have not developed any sort of rash or had any other signs of allergic reaction.
That's good to hear.  And it works well for you to control your blood pressure?
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