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Anyone Else on Spironolactone for Blood Pressure?

I've been on it 9 days and it's keeping my bp from spiking like it was before I began taking it.  I am on 25mg.  It does not keep it real low but it's regulated anyway.  Side effects are minimal.  If anyone has been on this medication, does it take longer than 9 days to work better I wonder?
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Hi there. I take the Spiro also. I take it along with a number of other bp  meds. I have resistant hypertension and went through a number of BP drugs before Spiro was added. It reduces my bp a good lot. Many other drugs even at high doses were not working in my case. Note that it is not a first line drug for bp. It can also be a possible indicator of a secondary cause for high BP. Its worth a look as up to 15% of cases can be caused by an Adrenal issue which causes bp spikes. It does take up to 2 weeks or more to be fully effective. Also for some tests you would have to stop taking it and in this case there is a 60 day timeframe to ensure its out of your system!! before you can have a blood test that wont be compromised by the Spiro.
The sides do come after a while.  Hope this helps you, let me know
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