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Anyone else have pressure readings like me?

Lately I've had some insanely high blood pressures with diastolics as high as 208! I am a 30 year old female and developed hypertension at age 18. All the females on my mom's side have hypertension. My mother, 2 aunts,4 girl cousins and both of my sisters are hypertensive .
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Oh wow, that's way too high sweetie.  We can have a high reading here or there but regular readings over 140 should be discussed with your doctor.  How's your weight?  I have familial hypertension and when I gain weight, my bp goes up.  Others at a higher weight than me would never have high blood pressure but me?  Nope, hypertension is a genetic issue for me.  So, I have to be very mindful of exercising and controlling my weight.  And if I have consistent readings, I'll need medication.  This surfaced in my 30's when I was pregnant for the first time.  So, my point is, if you are taking blood pressure readings and they are high like that, please go see your doctor to discuss what you can do.  Let me know what you think!
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By the way, normal blood pressure for a woman of your age is 120/80.  What is your bottom number?  
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