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BP of 160/120, not feeling weel :S

Last friday I was having a blood product transfusion that I have every month but this time my blood pressure was very hight 160/120 I was vomiting and pressure in my head and neck, and the nurse told me it was alright and when I was going to go home it will go down lolll but it didnt, Im taking Coozar right now for my BP but dosent seem to help at all, and I have those terrible headaches since friday and I gain 10 pounds in 5 days, and just want to sleep, his that all normal?????
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Welcome and thanks for your question. That much weight gain in 5 days sounds like a fluid build up in your tissues. Your symptoms do not really sound related to high BP itself, but could be a symptom of heart disease. You should discuss this with your doctor at your first opportunity.

It may just be a bug or even anxiety as suggested, which would be my first thought as well, but I don't think it's tied to your BP.

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I saw my doc yesturday and I have fluid retention from the transfusion, a fluid overload like he said and my heart his working to much to get the fluid out, but he gave me some Hyzzar something like that to get my BP down and something in it for my retention, I feel a bit better no more headaches and neckpain but my heartbeat his very high and I get some muscle pain in my legs, hand and like in my ribs, I wonder if my potassium his low, I had that before and sounds like it but not sure, right now Im resting and my pulse his 130 so that his way to high and can't sleep because Im to hyper :S
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