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Blood pressure and Vertigo

Hello. I’m new to this forum but not to blood pressure issues. I am a 60 year old man who used to be in great shape and exercised daily even after my bypass surgery. In the last few years I’ve developed dizziness and can’t figure out what it’s from. I also take Metoprolol 25mg once a day and other meds. Last week I ended up in the ER because my BP was higher than usual (146/96), even after taking my daily medication. My blood pressure is usually 117/70 and heart rate in the low 70’s. They ran all the usual tests like ekg, chest scan, blood work, etc. All came back fine and went home. The following day everything was fine but one day later my BP began to creep up again. I called my doctor and she instructed me to take half a dose between the full dose. Now I feel like I can’t even get up from the couch without getting dizzy and faint. I’ve been to an ENT doctor and she said my ears are clear so no problems there. My cardiologist says I’m good too! Could this dizziness be coming from more than one thing? Could I be suffering from Vertigo and also blood pressure issues? I forgot to mention I also had neck surgery years ago to replace a disk between C5-C6 and have a plate with four screws fusing. I know this is a lot but I’m almost 60 so I’ve had a lot of problems.
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Have no idea, but you do have one piece of data:  you took extra medication and had worse problems.  That makes the medication the most likely culprit n my mind.  Meds have all manner of nasty side effects for some people and not for others, but any med that lowers blood pressure or slows down the heart rate would have the potential to sedate you or make you dizzy because of interfering with normal blood flow.  Ever talked with your doc about your meds?  Did the dizziness problem happen to arise after you started taking this med?  
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Thanks for your response. I have spoken to all my doctors regarding this problem and even asked if I could take something different but they both said that most blood pressure medications will do the same, I don’t believe that. Since I posted this I’ve started to take half a dose every 12 hours instead of a full dose once a day. Today I felt a little better but not great. When I say great I mean being able to walk 2 miles with an average heart beat of 87.  I can’t even get to my kitchen from my couch without surpassing 95, sometimes even reaching into the 100s. I have an appointment with my doctor on Wednesday. I will keep asking and pushing for something different. Thanks for your help.
Don't ask, demand.  If a med gives you a side effect, especially one as significant as this one, you probably shouldn't be taking that med.  There are a lot of meds approved for the same purposes because they work somewhat differently from one another; if they were truly all the same the FDA would only approve the first one and the rest could not earn patents or get FDA approval as they have to be different to get a patent and without the riches to be had from a patent there's no incentive in our current profit based medical system to do the amount of research required to get FDA approval.  The fact you get this side effect from one med does not at all mean you will get it from another one.  It's always best to fix a problem without medication, unless the medication actually cures the problem and you don't have to take it anymore, as all meds do have side effects, and for your problems though since you've had bypass surgery you're probably at too great a risk for just dietary and lifestyle changes but who knows?  Bypass is made necessary by too much oxidized cholesterol causing it to stick to your arteries, whereas BP and heart rate can be caused by poor eating habits or poor lifestyle choices that eventually catch up to us.  Sometimes you can fix that by changing the things that got you to where you are.  But when you do need medication, for most common problems there are lots of choices out there for a reason, and that's precisely because they don't all work the same and cause the same side effects for everyone.  Again, if they did, nobody would ever be able to get a 2d patent.  Peace.
Metoprolol is noted for causing dizziness and fluctuating BP. I agree with Paxiled. Since I got off of that medication and went with a new one, Its helped tremendously. Actually, even was able to lower it to almost nothing. Hope you can get the satisfaction you need to help with this problem.
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