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Buspirone and high blood pressure

Anyone have an increase in high blood pressure & heart palpitations while taking Buspirone for anxiety? I am 41 & female. I have genetic high blood pressure and take Bystolic for it. I have taken a low dose of Buspirone on and off the past few years. My doctor increased my dose a few months ago (I take 15 mg twice a day) and I feel like sometimes my heart palpitates and night. The palpitations are waking me up some nights. My BP also seems to be spiking on and off the last couple months. I'm wondering if it related to the Buspirone or something else? I also started taking the generic BP medication (Nebivolol) of Bystolic, because my insurance didn't want to cover the name brand last time I filled it. I plan to discuss it with my doctor soon, but was curious if anyone else had experienced this? Thanks..
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Hi there.  My son takes buspar but I have not. I've got hypertension though. I also have the genetic, familial hypertension.  Big pain in my behind!!  So, this is an interesting question. I take losartan to block the hormone that causes familial hypertension.  I take a low dose and it keeps my bp down. It sounds like you are taking a beta blocker.  So, we are being treated with different classes of medication.  Yours has previously worked for you but now you changed to a generic and are seeing some changes.  Palpitations, it is my understanding, are pretty normal for everyone and happen often due to anxiety. You are being treated for anxiety. So, it could be because of the anxiety and not the buspar. How ARE your anxiety symptoms, by the way.  We aren't seeing a huge impact for my son.  

However, it COULD be the buspar.  This article suggests that buspar can raise blood pressure through activation  of the sympathetic nervous system.  https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/14769835/  I would not immediately think this is what is happening but it is something to ask your doctor about. Anxiety can raise blood pressure too.  If it turns out to not be a fit with buspar for your BP issues, there are other options.

I do also think there are minor differences between generics that can create different physiological effects.

Don't stop your buspar until you talk to your doctor. Would an SSRI be something that you'd consider? They also help with anxiety.  Are you routinely taking your bp?
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