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Constantly monitor blood pressure ?

I am a student at Brown University in Providence, RI, USA doing a project on constant blood pressure monitoring. Instead of using a blood pressure cuff, you'd wear a patch or a bracelet-like device that would monitor your blood pressure 24/7 and you'd be able to track your measurements on your smartphone or computer.

Do you think such a device would help you monitor your condition better? What are some current problems people have with their blood pressure cuffs?

All responses will be anonymous and will never be published in any way, shape or form beyond this class project. Thank you very much!
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The project sounds promising and it would be great to have an application in your phone that monitors your blood pressure all the time. Like many other projects, there are many possible factors also that needs to be addressed such as the type of cuff, medical history of each patient, the medications being taken, among others, as well as physiologic causes of blood pressure increase that may have an effect on the blood pressure reading. I hope this helps. Take care and do keep us posted with your project's updates.
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I actually use an app on my iPhone where I can enter in all my information about what meds I am taking , what time I took them, what mg etc and then I take my bp with my wrist cuff and chart it. I can send it start to my nephrologist from my phone if need be. I love it. I use my phone for everything even had to show my urologist how to use his iPhone lol. I even thought about ordering the cuff that plugged straight into my phone to make my life easier. I would so use a product like you have suggested. My issues with my cuff now is that even though its a wrist cuff its still loud and a little on the large side for me to take with me if I want to monitor when I am on the go. I acutally wouldn't mind maybe a watch that could take my bp and send info to my phone and also maybe to my doctors email.
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I would like to be able to know when my blood pressure goes up.  I am fighting to keep my blood pressure below 130 as I have already lost 60 % of my kidney funchion.  So far have not been able to keep blood pressure under control.
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