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Diastolic BP low immediately after excercise?

My average resting blood pressure is around 122 on 80. I'm a fairly sedentary 21 year old female with no medical conditions (that I am aware of). My BMI and waist circumference are in the healthy range, but my BMI is still a bit high at around 24.

After doing 35 minutes cardio on a cross trainer machine a couple of days ago, where I worked up a sweat and made my heart pound etc, I got off the machine and sat down and measured my blood pressure. The reading was taken approx 2 mins after stopping, and it was 123 on 69, and my pulse was 109. Today after cardio exercise, I measured my blood pressure within one minute of stopping, and it was 129 on 66, and my pulse was 130. My systolic BP is only a little bit higher than average, but my diastolic is much lower than my average. Is this bad? I thought after exercise, blood pressure was supposed to be a bit high. Could this be sign of a heart problem or am I just stressing over nothing? Is it worth paying a visit to my doctor, considering how young I am?
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Hi, low blood pressure is defined as readings lower than 90 systolic or 60 diastolic. You need to have only one number in the low range for your blood pressure to be considered lower than normal. Athletes and people who exercise regularly tend to have lower blood pressure and a slower heart rate than do people who aren't as fit. Most doctors consider chronically low blood pressure too low only if it causes noticeable symptoms. So, if you develop symptoms of dizziness, chest pain or breathlessness, consult your doctor for an assessment. Regards.  
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