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Do I have high blood pressure?

My breath gets short often and I suspect it has to do with my blood pressure. I got a BP monitor in August, recorded the results for a few days and sent it back (mistake). In that time my BP went as high as 130/73 and s low as 104/70 (measured at different times of the day).

The thing is that the shortness of breath can strike at different times of the day. Today I got it after lunch, accompanied by fatigue, difficulty concentrating and inability to finish a walk.

I use filtered water and add a pinch of salt to it. In the last blood test I did my sodium was 142 in 136-145.  
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P.S. I take a lot of supplements such as ubiquinol, MSM, tyrosine, ginseng, etc but I doubt any of them increases blood pressure. No smoking and minimal drinking. My cholesterol is good too.
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You need to check each supplement you are taking as some can cause a rise in blood pressure.  Just google each one and check them out.  Also, make sure it's okay to be mixing the supplements.  
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