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Do I need meds at age 83?

I tried to post this before but don't see it so I am trying again.  I am an 83 year old woman feeling great and energetic but recently been told I have hypertension because a 24 hr monitor averaged 147, ranging from 107 to 195.  My BP was always low to average before.  Now a Omron wrist cuff (all cuffs make me anxious) shows numbers all over the place, normal before lunch but very high (180's) before bed. I also have a  lifelong history of vasovagal events related to heat.
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What does the wrist cuff show when you first wake up in the morning, and is it possible to compare the readings you're getting with it side by side with the BP monitoring device used in your doctor's office?
Today 131/68;  24-hr device 134/96.
That's a significant discrepancy (in my opinion only) in the diastolic number.  I know the standard for what is considered HBP dropped fairly recently, but the 131/68 reading you reported is not way higher than mine typically is in my doctor's office, and I'm taking a Rx for lisinopril.
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Some allergy medications are safe for use but it is always best to discuss this with your doctor and pharmacist.  Allergy medications come in various forms from pill to nasal spray.  Your doctor and pharmacist can recommend one that is right for you.
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