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My BP hwas been 105/60 for 43 years, I am 46. I was in an accident and in extreme back pain. I I was pit on pain meds and diovan 320. They tried all the BP meds they could, I am alerigic to Beta blockers. A nieghbor gave me a xanax and my pressure came down( have a machine)...I havenow been on axan 2mg  3x a day and the pressure is starting to rise again. 8 months on the xanax. Basically I had BP 190/110 for 2.5 years. I called my doctor from back home of 25 years and he said he would have had me hopitalized the 1st time he saw a reading of 190/110. The doctors never ran any tests, just pills. My bakc is fixed and I am pain free and no pain meds for a year or so. I am a ver mellow person, I can't see this as hypertension. Has anyone gone through any thing like this? My old doctor told me to get tested for around 6 tests. Have appoinment on the 8th. He also told me he would have fired my doctor a long time ago. He beleive it's a physical problem that needs immediate attention.?
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You can be a mellow person and still have hypertension, but there can be an underlying problem causing your high BP. I'm sure your doctor wants your kidneys checked out because if they're not functioning at 100% it will raise your BP. Adrenal gland problems can cause high BP, defects in blood vessels, pain pills, anxiety, sleep deprivation and some prescription medications.  Hypertension is hereditary, and the longer it stays high the more damage it is doing.  My husband just suffered a heart attack, and was told the walls of his heart are extremely thick due to years of uncontrolled high BP, and I don't think they come any more mellow than him.  High BP affects many of our major organs and getting it under control is essential.  You can start by cutting back on your salt intake, limiting caffeine, and exercising.  These are good things to do even if you don't suffer with high BP.  Everything needs to be considered when one presents with hypertension, lifetyle....eating habits....medications, everything.  I would find a new doctor for starters and go from there.  Don't be afraid to ask "what" is causing your high BP and why?  Listen to your old doctor and see what the tests show.  Take care.
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I am 34 and had my first experience with high BP when I was 20. 4 years ago after the birth of my child I was on 4 different medications. Today none, and my blood pressure is 100/60. All the ideas mammo gave you on exercise, low salt diet and more is what helped me get off medications and get my BP back on track. It isnt good to walk around with uncontrolled blood pressure so for sure get in as soon as you can and get things sorted around with your doctor. Keep us updated
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I had my first  experience with high blood pressure in 1980 - they found a pheochromacytoma tumor on my adrenal gland.  The removed the tumor but have battled hypertension ever since.  Not one doctor has gotten it under control.  
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