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High blood pressure problem

My partner has high blood pressure and we don’t know why. Can anyone suggest me which speciality doctor will treat this problem.
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Hi. So, high blood pressure is very common, unfortunately. For me, it is familial or genetic in other words. If I gain weight at all, it creeps right up. I finally started a blood pressure medication which brought it immediately down. Others are able to start by controlling their blood pressure through life style changes. Things like maintaining proper weight. Know the target BMI and where your partner is. Begin trying to eat healthy. The DASH diet is a great thing to incorporate. This is similar to the Mediterranean Diet, Basically, less red meat, more fish. Less processed food, more vegetables and fruits. Exercise is important t exercise the heart but should consult with a doctor first. Less sodium. Less alcohol. Give up smoking. Get plenty of sleep. You can always start with these things. Simply losing weight and regular exercise helps many maintain blood pressure in the normal range. If you can't, then yes. A doctor can prescribe medicine. My general practitioner treats my blood pressure and that is the place to start. They can refer you to a cardiologist if necessary. How old is your partner? What is their actual BP readings? (should track over a period of time with a home bp cuff).
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